0.156 Header Breakout Boards

8-Position 0.156" Female Socket Breakout Board

BRKCH308-FR - 8-Position 0.156' Female Socket Breakout Board, R/A
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BRKCH308-FR 8-Position 0.156' Female Socket Breakout Board, R/A $8 1

General Description

This breakout board brings all 8 pins of its female 0.156' socket connector out to screw terminal blocks for easy connection and prototyping work. These boards are side stackable, which means multiple boards can be inserted onto larger headers side-by-side in order to access all pins of a header larger than 8 pins.

General Purpose Applications

This break out board is perfect for experimentation and prototype work, as well as for use in the educational laboratory. It is well-suited for interfacing with I/O ports, DAQ equipment, and any other device that uses a 0.156' header connector, sometimes generically referred to as a 'molex connector'. A breakout board is sometimes referred to as a 'transition module', 'terminal board', or 'interface module'.

Model Railroading Applications

  • C/MRI Boards: This board can be used with the I/O boards in the C/MRI (Computer Model Railroad Interface) system in order to provide convenient screw terminal wire termination. This can save a great deal of time and hassle over crimping and inserting into 0.156' socket housings. This has been verified to fit on the DIN32, DOUT32, and SMINI boards. For example, four of these breakout boards can be inserted directly onto the right angle molex 0.156' male headers of the DIN32 and DOUT32 boards to provide screw terminal termination of all 32 lines.
  • Tortoise switch machine wiring: The Tortoise switch machine comes with card edge pads spaced on 0.156' centers. If you solder a 0.156' header to the Tortoise (such as Molex P/N 26-48-1082), this board will mate with the header and provide convenient screw terminal wire termination at the Tortoise.


  • Easy wire termination
  • Compact size
  • Screw terminal for each line
  • Side stackable
  • Screw terminals accomodate wire sizes from 16AWG to 26AWG
  • Approximate dimensions: 1.24" x 1.35"