DB25 Bus Board

DB25 Bus Boards

DB25 Bus Board - DB25 Bus Board, 1 Female to 3 Male, Feet
Part No. Description Price Stock
BUSD25-1F3M-DIN DB25 Bus Board, 1 Female to 3 Male, DIN Rail Mount $19 1
BUSD25-1F3M-FT DB25 Bus Board, 1 Female to 3 Male, Feet $18 1
BUSD25-1M3F-DIN DB25 Bus Board, 1 Male to 3 Female, DIN Rail Mount $19
BUSD25-1M3F-FT DB25 Bus Board, 1 Male to 3 Female, Feet $18 1
∗ Standard lead time is 1 week

General Description

These bus boards provide a total of four (4) DB25 connectors, with all 25 pins of each connector wired together 1:1 as a bus. These boards provide an easy way to join , split out, create wye (Y) connections, or chain together multiple DB25 connections. Please note that not all equipment is designed or suitable to have its connections split out to multiple places. This board simply wires all connectors together and must be used with equipment for which that is appropriate.

These boards are available with mounting holes and rubber feet, or with DIN rail mounting clips.

For mounting on a panel, we suggest the rubber feet version (-FT), 1/4' nylon standoffs under the mounting holes, and #6 screws.  

DIN Rail Mount Version

These products are also available with DIN rail mounting clips for quick and convenient mounting where DIN rail is used. Product numbers ending with -DIN come with DIN clips already installed and ready to mount. The clips allow mounting on standard 35mm rail as well as 32mm rail.

(BUSD25-1F3M-DIN pictured - rail not included)


  • DB25 Connectors
  • Easily split/chain/wye DB25 connections
  • PCB dimensions: 2.3' x 4.25'
  • Rubber feet or DIN rail mount