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15 Position Screw Terminal Board / Component Holder

TTA3515 - Screw Terminal Board / Component Holder, 15 Position, Feet
Part No. Description Price Stock
TTA3515V1-FT Screw Terminal Board / Component Holder, 15 Position, Feet $15 1
TTA3515V1-DIN Screw Terminal Board / Component Holder, 15 Position, DIN Rail Mount $17 4

General Description

This board is useful for a variety of different purposes:

  • Wire-to-wire termination: Easily terminate and join wires together. This board comes with each screw terminal connected directly to the corresponding screw terminal on the other side of the board, which allows joining 15 sets of wires.
  • Component holder: Solder pads are provided on the board to allow adding small components such as diodes, capacitors, resistors, etc. To insert a component in series with a signal, cut the appropriate PCB trace in the middle and solder in the component.
  • Bus / Distribution: If you are joining a number of wires all to the same connection (such as power, ground, etc), you may wish to solder jumper wires on the solder pads to join some or all of the signals together into a bus.
This product is available with small rubber feet on the bottom (which do not occupy any of the mounting holes) or with clips for mounting on DIN rail. For mounting on a panel, we suggest the rubber feet version (-FT), 1/4' nylon standoffs under the mounting holes, and #6 screws.

DIN Rail Mount Version

These products are also available with DIN rail mounting clips for quick and convenient mounting where DIN rail is used. Product numbers ending with -DIN come with DIN clips already installed and ready to mount. The clips allow mounting on standard 35mm rail as well as 32mm rail.

(TTA3510-DIN pictured - rail not included)


  • Easy wire termination
  • Make connections to small components
  • Screw terminals accomodate wire sizes from 16AWG to 26AWG