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Half-Pitch DSUB, 100-Pin Female Right Angle Connector

BRKADP100FV1-R - 100-Pin Half-Pitch D-Sub Female Breakout Board, Right Angle Connector, Feet
Part No. Description Price Stock
BRKADP100FV1-R-FT 100-Pin Half-Pitch D-Sub Female Breakout Board, Right Angle Connector, Feet $92
BRKADP100FV1-R-DIN 100-Pin Half-Pitch D-Sub Female Breakout Board, Right Angle Connector, DIN Rail Mount $94
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General Description

These breakout boards bring all 100 pins and shield of a 100-pin half-pitch D-type connector out to angled screw terminal blocks for easy connection and prototyping work. In addition to the screw terminal connection, each pin is also brought to solder pads (2 per pin) at 0.1" spacing, allowing the addition of small components or 0.1" headers.Please note that the breakout boards are manufactured with a connection between each connector pin and the corresponding screw terminal; no soldering of any type is necessary. The solder pads simply provide an area for making optional connections to headers or other components.

The BRKADP100FV1-R breakout board contains a female 100-pin half-pitch DSUB connector. Winford Engineering uses the AMP / TE / Tyco part number 1-787082-8 or equivalent. This connector is also referred to as a 0.050 series D-type connector. This style of connector is used by National Instruments on some of theirDAQ cards, and this 100-pin female connector is found on their SCB-100 connector block / breakout board. Thus the BRKADP100FV1-R type breakout board is a valid alternative or replacement for the National Instruments SCB-100 breakout module.

These Winford Engineering break out boards are perfect for experimentation, prototype work,lab projects, and permanent installations. They are well-suited for interfacing with data acquisition equipment, control systems, or any other devices that use the 100-pin 0.050 series DSUB connector. A breakout board is sometimes referred to as a "transition module", "terminal board", "breakout box", or "interface module".

Connector Hardware

The connector used on these breakout boards contains both latch blocks and jack screws for securing a mating cable. This flexible approach allows these breakout boards to be used with cables that use either type of locking mechanism.The closeup photo below shows the latch blocks and the jack screws. The jack screws accept #2-56 thread screws. Winford Engineering uses the AMP / TE / Tyco connector part number 1-787082-8 or equivalent.
Latch Blocks & #2-56 Jack Screws
(click image to enlarge)

DIN Rail Mount Version

In addition to the rubber feet mounting option, these breakout boards are also available with DIN rail mounting clips for quick and convenient mounting where DIN rail is used. Product numbers ending with -DIN come with DIN clips already installed and ready to mount. The clips allow mounting on standard 35mm rail as well as 32mm rail.
BRKADP100FV1-R-DIN pictured - rail not included
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  • Half-pitch DSUB 100-Pin / 0.050 series D-type connector
  • Suitable alternative to National Instruments SCB-100 connector block
  • Connector contains both latch blocks and #2-56 jack screws
  • Screw terminal for each data line plus 1 screw terminal for shield
  • Angled screw terminals provide compact, convenient wiring
  • Screw terminals accomodate wire sizes from 16AWG to 26AWG
  • Approximate dimensions: 3.75" x 4.5"
  • Rubber feet or DIN rail mount