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HDMI Right Angle Adapter

CBHSMSF-0R - HDMI Male-Female Right Angle Adapter
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CBHSMSF-0R HDMI Male-Female Right Angle Adapter $6
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General Description

Use this standard HDMI right angle adapter in tight or confined spaces to allow connection of an HDMI cable. Typical uses include wall-mounted TV's and cramped entertainment centers or equipment racks where there simply is not room for a cable to extend behind the equipment. These adapters can reduce space required for HDMI cable connections by changing the direction of the cable run.

This right angle adapter features a standard HDMI Male connector on one end and a standard HDMI Female connector on the other end. It uses a standard 19-pin connection with gold-plated connectors.It supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 720i resolutions.The adapter ends are pictured below.

HDMI Male Connector HDMI Female Connector
Male Connector
Female Connector


  • HDMI Right Angle Adapter
  • Contains standard 19-pin HDMI connectors
  • Supports 1080p and lower resolutions
  • Useful in tight locations
  • RoHS compliant