BASCOM 8051 BASIC Compiler Project Examples

Example Description
$usrstart Splits 8051 code into different memory ranges
123 Demonstrates how the compiler handles errors
1wire 1-wire bus example
7segment Multiplexed 7-segment LED displays
apn3 Xicor X9CMME Digital Potentiometer Interfacing
appnt1 Controlling an LCD via RS232
array How to use a variable array in BASIC
Beep Sound generation using the TB-1 Board
boolean Boolean Logic functions: AND, OR, XOR, NOT, BIT and MOD
case SELECT CASE statement
chr CHR() and BCD() functions
clock Reading time/date from MMC-RTC-1 board
comport Programming the RS232 Serial port on the 8051
const Declaring constants in BASCOM
counter implementing a hardware counter using P3.4
Data EEPROM read/write
deboun Debouncing mechanical switches ( uses TB-1 for demo )
declare Declaring functions in BASIC
decr Decrements a variable
delay Delay in program
demo Demonstrates 8051 features including sensor interfacing
dim Dimensioning variables with DIM command in BASIC
do_loop Implementing loops with DO LOOP construct in BASIC
eeprom EEPROM test program
exit Exiting loops in BASIC
expander Various projects to control the DIO-1 I/O Expander
for_next FOR NEXT loops in BASIC
fusing Formatted printing using the FUSING command in BASIC
futaba Controlling FUTABA VFD displays
gosub GOSUB command in BASIC
hello Prints "hello world" to the terminal ( RS232 port )
i2c Block read/write from/to EEPROM using I2C
include Including other files in BASIC programs
incr Increments a variable
inkey Reads a value from the serial port
input Inputs data from RS2323 serial port to a variable
int0 Interrupt handler demo for INT0 of 8051
keypad Matrix keypad ( KP1-4X4 ) demo for MINI-MAX/51-C2
lcd Using a parallel LCD (LCD242-BK) with MINI-MAX/51-C2
libdemo Using a library of functions in BASIC
log Data-Logger/51-C2 Kit with MINI-MAX/51-C2
long Long integer arithmetic in BASIC
microw Interfacing with 93XX EEPROM's using Microwire interface
mm51cTest Various examples to test and use MINI-MAX/51-C2 features
MMC Multimedia Card (MMC) interfacing
motor Stepper Motor control using DIO-1 I/O Expander board
OneWire More 1-wire bus examples
ongosub ONGOSUB function in BASIC
peek Using PEEK to read any address of memory
port Controlling 8051 ports ( Demo with TB-1 )
power Power management for 8051 ( IDLE and POWERDOWN )
print Various uses of PRINT statement
rc5 Using infrared detector with 8051 (SFH506-36 IR-receiver)
relay Relay control
rnd Random number generation
sincos Trigonometric functions: SIN , COS and TAN
single Single precision floating-point operations
smallstr Small ( internal RAM ) strings
sound Generating sound using square wave from any port
Stepper More stepper motor examples
swap Swapping variable values
tb1 Tests all the features of TB-1
Tb1_ADC Reading analog values from analog inputs of TB-1
thermocouple Measuring temperature using thermocouples
timer0 Timer 0 demo with interrupt handler
timer2 Timer 2 demo with interrupt handler
timer2a Timer 2 as a baud rate generator
timer2b Event timing with Timer 2
timer2c Timer 2 used as a clock generator
TLC2543 Reading 12-bit analog inputs using DAQ-2543
watchd Watchdog timer
while_w WHILE WEND loops in BASIC