MINI-MAX Set contains everything you need to get started with micro-controllers. The core of the sets is the MINI-MAX/P18 microcontroller board, a general purpose, low-cost, highly reliable, and highly expandable microcontroller system based on PIC18F458 Flash Microcontroller.
Ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

MINI-MAX/P18 Set I - MINI-MAX/P18,TB-1,Cables,Power Supply
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MINI-MAX/P18 Set I MINI-MAX/P18,TB-1,Cables,Power Supply $89
PWR-6VDC-1A-P 6VDC Adapter, 1A $12
∗ Standard lead time is 1 week

MINI-MAX/P18 microcontroller board is a fully assembled product that is ready to use out of the box. MINI-MAX/P18 microcontroller board has 32K (16KX16) of In-System Re-programmable Downloadable Flash Memory, 1.5K RAM, 256-byte Data EEPROM, 512-byte socketed EEPROM (optional 128-Kilobyte EEPROM). Programs are downloaded into the MINI-MAX/P18 with a personal computer through an available serial (COM) port. Downloads typically take only few seconds.

Many project examples for MPASM, CCS and C18 compilers demonstrate interfacing to LCD displays, keypads, EEPROM's, analog to digital conversion, ports, LEDs and many other microcontroller peripherals.


  • MINI-MAX/P18 microcontroller board
  • TB-1 Training Board with 4-channel, 8-bit Analog/Digital Converter buzzer, traffic lights, counter and interrupt inputs
  • Serial cable, Power Supply, Online Technical Manual and Schematics
  • Compatible with Microchip Development System or any other third-party programming language
  • Warranty Period: 3 years