CloudGate Ethernet IO

CloudGate Ethernet IO is industrial grade cost-efficient alternative to PLC’s.It offers a wide variety of wired interfaces with pre-installed versatile IO card, Ethernet connectivity with optional Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN (in rear expansion slot) and easy graphical programming with LuvitRED application.

CloudGate Ethernet IO - Option CloudGate Ethernet rev2 with Mini IO card
Part No. Description Price Stock
3009213 CloudGate Class 1 Div 2 Sticker $50 600
CG0102-12204 Option CloudGate Ethernet rev2 with Mini IO card $374
∗ Standard lead time is 1 week

CloudGate Class 1 Div 2 Sticker


  • Connect devices such as card readers over the serial interface (RS232)
  • Connect devices such as sensors or electricity meters over the Modbus interface (RS485)
  • Connecting to the high-speed CAN bus of vehicles or industrial equipment
  • Connecting sensors over the I2C bus interface
  • Use the 3 configurable GPIO to read analog/digital inputs or control digital outputs
  • Use the optional Wi-Fi expansion card to connect the CloudGate to your Wi-Fi access point or setup the CloudGate as a Wi-Fi access point
  • Use the optional LoRaWAN expansion card to configure the CloudGate as LoRaWAN forwarder or as private LoRaWAN server
  • Provide remote access over a secure VPN tunnel to the Ethernet device(s) connected to its LAN Ethernet port
  • Ruggedized design housing
  • Industrial grade temperate ranges
  • Timed wake-up and ignition sensing
  • All gateways are LuvitRED enabled
  • Warranty Period: 3 years

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