GadgetPC is a powerful, low-cost, 32-bit ARM9 (AT91SAM9260) based microcontroller system with 5 USB ports for interfacing to a variety of off-the-shelf USB devices. It is capable of running Linux.
Ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

GadgetPC - Single Board Computer with ARM9 & 5 USB ports
BiPOM Electronics is a proud ATMEL Consultant for ARM ( SAM7, SAM9 and AT91RM9200 ) Family of microcontrollers.
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GadgetPC Single Board Computer with ARM9 & 5 USB ports $89 2

This tiny computer is capable of running ARM Linux and Debian

GadgetPC is powered by 5 Volts DC from the USB connector. The total power consumption of the board is less than
1 Watt.

We offer GadgetPC Development Kit, GadgetPC Wi-Fi Kit and GadgetPC Aircard Kit to simplify getting started with the board.


  • ATMEL AT91SAM9260 (ARM9) embedded processor
  • 8MB In-System Re-programmable Downloadable DataFlash Memory
  • 32MB DDR RAM
  • Four USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbit per Second) Host Ports
  • 4 USB Host connectors: 2 connectors with dual USB each
  • 1 Mini USB Device connector
  • UART (TTL level) Serial Interface (Use BRD-RS232-TTL-1 or similar RS232 converter for console output)
  • Powered with external 5 Volts through Mini USB Device Connector
  • Fully supported in C using our ARM Development System, GNUARM C Compiler, ATMEL SAM-BA, UBOOT and Linux.
  • USB cable and online technical manual
  • Linux can be configured on either a Windows or Linux PC
  • Warranty Period: 3 years

A USB Flash drive with preinstalled Debian is also available as an option.