MINI-MAX/51-C2 Applications

MINI-MAX/51-C2 as Included Product

Automatic conduit Bending
Aquatic Ecosystem
Auto Cool PC
Automated Beverage Station
Automated Car Sunshade
Automated Clay Conditioning
Automated Dog House Heater
Automated Flood Prevention System
Automatic Rain Sensing Windows
Blind Audio Guidance System
Car Garage Cooling System
CODeSMART Ventilation System
Controlling stepper motors with MINI-MAX and PRO-MAX
Cool Shades - Automated Window Shade System
Cylinder Oven
Data Logger
e-Feeder - Pet food and Water Dispenser
Easy Pot Auto Plant Care System
Electromagnetic Braking System
Emergency Evacuation Smart System
Exercise Reward 7000
Fingerprint door opener
Floyd Imaging - Electronic Picture Frame
Graphics LCD Interfacing
HiTAPS - High Temperature Automotive Protection System
Integrated Pool Table
IntelliPark System
LAWN Mower
LCD Interfacing
Measurements with 4-20mA Current-loop Sensors using DAQ-2543 and DAQ-128
Measuring voltage with MINI-MAX/51-C2
Microcontrolled Automated Refill System
Microcontrolled Irrigation System
Motion Sensor Security System
Networking multiple microcontroller boards
Nixie Display Interfacing to MINI-MAX/51-C2
Occupancy Safety Monitoring System
Parking Management
Pet Misting System
Powering MINI-MAX/51-C2 from a Battery
Reading An Encoder With MINI-MAX/51 Microcontroller Boards
Remote monitoring and control using the GSM cellular network
Remote Weather Station using MINI-MAX/51-C
Robotic Bulldozer
Robotic Fertilizer Spreader
S.O.R.T. Smart Object Recycling Tote
Scheduled Device Control using MINI-MAX/51-C2
SCS-2250 Shower Cleaner
Secure Remote Mail Unit and Notification System
Smart Home Safety System
Smart Jack
Smokeless Microcontrolled Ashtray
Solar Light Activated Blinds
Tele Safe Home security system
The Endless Coffee Pot
The Plant Protector
The Shower Zone 350
The Smart Trashcan
The Solar Panel Protector
The Tennis Ball Gatherer
Using MINI-MAX/51-C2 as a Game Machine
Using the ATMEL T89C51RX2 with MINI-MAX/51-C2
Using the Philips P89C51RX2 with MINI-MAX/51-C2
Using X10 with MINI-MAX and PRO-MAX
Voice Operated Computer
X10 communication protocol

MINI-MAX/51-C2 as Related Product

In-System Programming Protocol

Denotes a student project